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         A gentle breeze blew across Brian's face momentarily giving him a reprieve from the muggy afternoon summer heat. The sky was filled with low hanging white fluffy clouds, but the sun still made its presence felt, occasionally shining through gaps in the cloud cover but otherwise filling the air with a humid heat as it cast its rays through the clouds. It was a Monday afternoon and School was over for the day once more and although it was the start of another week at school, there was now only one week left before they broke up entirely at the end of term for the summer holidays, and the end of the school year. Like just about every child the world over, Brian had been looking forward to the end of school and the onset of the summer holidays, but now he wasn't so sure. His mother had told him only a few days before that he was going to be spending most of it having to attend a summer club at a nearby nursery school. During the summer the nursery took on older children up to the age of fifteen to be cared for at the nursery along with the usual toddlers and three to four year olds. Having to spend most of his summer holidays having to go to a summer club or a camp would have been bad enough but this being one at a nursery school, left Brian feeling especially hard done by. Nursery schools were for preschool babies and toddlers, not fourteen year old boys like him. What could they possibly have to keep him entertained? Brian was filled with gloom as he struggled to imagine how he would pass the time at a nursery school surrounded by little children, and the thought of being patronised and treated like a little child, as he no doubt would be by the women carers there, rankled and annoyed him. To add to that, now he was supposed to be going there early before the start of the summer holidays, as the nursery had started taking the older children in as part of an after school club in order to slowly acclimatise them to the nursery for when they would eventually be going to the day club, and of course it would also get the little toddlers used to the big children.

         So Brian stood there waiting outside the school for a minibus van from the nursery, that was supposed to come and pick him up. School had finished barely five minutes before and already there was almost no one else left waiting outside the school gates, apart from three first year girls who were stood off over to the other side of the gates chatting among themselves. Brian presumed they must still be waiting for a parent to come and pick the three of them up, as he stood there now starting to feel a little worried and anxious about what it might be like at the nursery. His increasing nerves made him feel even more hot and bothered than before as he stood there still dressed in his full senior school uniform of his long grey school trousers, grey shirt with a stripy blue and yellow tie, and his grey school blazer, which felt thick and heavy as he stood there in the humid heat. They had been given the option of wearing the official school shorts, but Brian thought they made you look like a sissy little junior boy, as they still had 70's style short legs that barely came down a couple of inches from the crotch and were almost covered by the hem of the blazer, which made it look almost as if you weren't wearing any shorts or trousers at all and were stood there in your just pants. So Brian had dismissed getting any of the school shorts when his mother had offered to buy him some and instead had chosen to endure the discomfort of the hot sweaty heat.

         That morning Brian's mother had given him a plastic bag with some of his older clothes for him to take and change into out of his uniform when he got there. In the bag was his old blue two tone polo shirt and an old white t-shirt of his that had a print on the front with the word Denmark and a cartoon Viking boat beneath it, which he'd got on holiday there over a year ago, and was now starting to fit a bit overly snug as he grew out of it. His mother gave him the choice of an old pair of blue jeans or a pair of his old shorts. Brian chose the jeans over the shorts easily, as the shorts were a pair of his old stretchy towelling type ones, which seemed rather childish looking for a boy of his age now and like his Denmark t-shirt, they fitted rather too snuggly and looked more like he was wearing a pair of towelling underpants rather than shorts. Like the school shorts, those towelling ones were also rather short legged, especially now that he was starting to grow out of them, so much so, that if he crouched down, the legs of the shorts would ride up and his underpants would poke out from underneath and be humiliatingly revealed around the backs of the legs. Along with his jeans and two t-shirts, his mother had also put in a spare pair of his underpants, which the nursery had requested that they do. They were of course yet another pair of his colourful patterned y-fronts, that Brian seemed to have so many of. Brian didn't yet get any say in the underwear that was bought for him, and whilst some boys at school got to wear the latest fashionable trendy looking briefs and slips, Brian had to put up with a steady stream of full fitting cheap nylon y-front briefs with two tones colours or brightly patterned prints which were sometimes quite childish in nature, which his mother bought from market stalls or the cheaper shops up town.

         As it was the last week of school and exam time was now over for the years above him, the teachers had stopped handing out homework, so Brian had left his school bag full of books back in his locker and just had with him the plastic bag with his old clothes in as he stood there waiting and sweating fretfully in the hot humid air. A few minutes later a small van that had been converted into a minibus with a logo of the nursery emblazoned down the side, pulled up in front of the school gates. The driver side door popped open and out stepped a plump jolly looking lady who was in her late forties or early fifties.

         "Hello! I'm sorry I'm a little late!" she exclaimed cheerfully as she jumped out the van and quickly began to open and pull back the sliding side door of the van for the rear seating. To Brian's surprise the three first year girls now also began to walk over to the minibus just as he had started to himself, and it appeared that they would also be going to the same nursery as he was too. This now made Brian feel even more awkward than ever, as the lady stood there and read out the names of the three girls. "And you young man, must be Brian Maynard?" she said to Brian cheerfully as he stood there looking a bit awkward and uncertain. The three girls quickly got in the van taking the three rear seats, giggling and chatting away as they did so, and as Brian got in after them he felt himself blush with shame as he momentarily caught their eyes before sitting down on the seat in front of them, wondering what they would be thinking of an older teen boy like him having to attend a nursery school to be babysat and looked after.

         Fortunately the journey didn't last too long, and Brian sat there quietly as the three girls gossiped and chatted among themselves behind him. When they finally arrived, Brian saw that the nursery was just a large brownish red brick house situated in one of the more modest middle class suburbs of the town. It looked as if the nursery had once been two semidetached houses that had been knocked through into one at some point and then converted into the nursery. The whole of the front garden area of the house had been bricked over and turned into a parking area, which the van now pulled up onto along one side of the building in front of a large tall wooden gate, which was about nine foot or more high. As they got out of the van, from the other side of the tall gate Brian could hear the sounds of lots of little children playing outside. The lady then shepherded Brian and the girls in through a door in the side of the house into an entrance hall area. Immediately on the left was a set of stairs going up to the next floor, whilst on the right hand side of the hall was a large row of pegs with lots of little coats and bags hanging on them, each with a colourful little name tag above it, and beyond the hall, an open doorway led in to a long corridor with doors either side of it. Most of the doors were open and from many of them Brian could hear the sounds of children playing and being supervised by the ladies there, and every now and then a few children would pop out of one room and quickly dart into another. The children he saw looked to range in age from about four to eight years old and were mostly girls with a few little boys every so often. Along one side of the corridor up against the wall in between the doorways, were a few large sturdy looking old dark brown wooden wardrobes. As they entered the hall, the lady that had brought them in began to deal with the girls first, giving them directions to a room upstairs that they could change in and told them to bring their uniforms back down with them, so that she could safely put them out of the way in one of the wardrobes. After the girls went up the stairs, the lady then turned her attention to Brian who was stood by patiently waiting.

         "Right Brian, come with me and let's get you sorted out and ready too." The lady said cheerfully as she motioned Brian to follow her down the corridor. Brian had assumed that she was taking him to a room along the corridor that he was going to use to change in, when suddenly they stopped at one of the large wardrobes which the lady then opened up. "Right this one's got the boys things in." She said, opening it up to reveal a series of shelves divided into little cubbyholes. In many of the cubby holes were neatly folded little piles of clothes. They were mostly little pairs of trousers and t-shirts, some with little pairs of underpants neatly placed on top, but he also spotted a few grey school uniforms here and there. On the front of the shelf in front of each occupied little cubbyhole, a simple piece of masking tape had been torn off and stuck there and had a name written on it with a felt tip marker pen. "Ah, there is yours." The lady said, looking at one of the larger ones near the top. "You've got a bigger one because you're a big boy of course!" she added in a rather cheerful patronising tone that made Brian cringe. "Right, are those the clothes you've brought along with you?" she asked, looking at the plastic bag Brian was holding, to which Brian nodded. "Oh good! I'll take these off you and sort them out on your shelf for you, whilst you get yourself out of that uniform." The lady carried on cheerfully as she took the plastic bag with Brian's clothes from him and started delving into it to see what was in there. Brian stood there for a moment feeling a bit confused and uncertain. Did she just ask him to take his uniform off? Where does she want him to get changed? Is she going to give him some clothes from his bag to take with him?

         "Urm... err... Miss? Urm... where do you want me to get changed?" Brian asked timidly as the lady began pulling his clothes out of the bag.

         "Oh, just here will be fine please." She replied, and Brian just gawped at her with a look of shock and incomprehension. "Yes, just here please!" she repeated again when she saw Brian's startled and confused face. Brian started to slowly and tentatively take his blazer off still looking startled and uncertain. "Yes, that's it. Now if you could just hurry it along a bit, as I'm sure you don't want me to have to take your things off for you, do you?" she said, now trying to hurry Brian along a bit.

         Brian's mind whirled and raced as he stood there and began to take his uniform off. He could hardly believe it. She wanted him to get undressed right here in the corridor where he could be seen by anyone, especially the little girls that kept running past every so often. Brian's face flushed with nerves and trepidation as he took off his jacket and began to work on his tie with fingers that now trembled and fumbled. As Brian removed each item of his school uniform, the lady took them off him and neatly folded them and placed into the wardrobe up in his cubbyhole. Brian finally undid all the buttons on his shirt and took it off, leaving him standing there bare chested and feeling awfully exposed and rather embarrassed, and he almost jumped as a couple of little girls ran past into another room giggling. Next Brian laboured over taking his shoes and socks off; trying to delay the dreadful inevitable moment he would have to take his trousers off. As Brian pulled off his last sock he could hear his heart pounding, as at last he moved his hands down to the waistband of his grey school trousers and began to unfasten and unzip them. Hoping that no little girls would come past him, and with the lady standing there watching him intently with a look of impatience, Brian began to slow start to take his trousers down. Brian felt almost faint as he pulled down the waist of the trousers lowering them down to his thighs and exposing his brightly patterned y-front underpants. Just as Brain was about to take them all the way down he suddenly heard the voices of the three first year girls as they rapidly came running along the corridor.

         "Here you go Miss! Where would you like us to put our things?" the three girls asked as they quickly came along the corridor to where Brian and the lady were stood. Caught by surprise, Brian stood there and froze for a moment as he looked in utter shock at the three girls now stood right in front of him. At that moment the girls suddenly noticed Brian's state of undress as he stood there half naked in front of them with his trousers round his knees and his underpants on full display. The girls burst into loud fits of surprised and amused laughter as they saw him standing there with his trousers down. Then Brian suddenly came to his senses and quickly pulled his trousers back up whilst blushing furiously.

         "Oh, just leave your things here girls. I'll sort them out for you, don't worry." The lady told the girls, seeming completely unconcerned about the embarrassing little underpants exposing incident that had just happened to Brian. Once the girls had left their stuff and gone on down the corridor to go out into the back garden, Brain was once more left in the position of having to finally remove his trousers. Now thinking it probably wiser to get them off quickly so that he could get dressed in his casual things as soon as possible, Brian now hastily took his trousers down before any more girls came passing by. In his haste Brian tripped and stumbled as he tried to pull the legs of his trousers off over his feet, causing him to panic and fumble even more. Finally Brian had his trousers off and he stood there red faced with embarrassment and feeling very exposed now wearing nothing but his underpants out in the middle of the corridor in this busy little nursery school. The lady took his trousers off him and neatly and carefully folded them before putting them on his shelf on top of the rest of his uniform. She then looked him up and down appraisingly as he stood there shyly; all exposed in his underpants in front of her, making him feel quite humiliated and belittled. Brian just wished she would hurry up and give him his casual clothes so that he could quickly get dressed again.

         "Hmm, let's give you this one today I think." She finally said before selecting his two tone blue polo shirt from his things. Rather than hand it over to Brian, she then made him hold up his arms so that she could dress him in it herself. Brian felt like a little child as she pulled the shirt over his head, making sure his arms were in before pulling the hem down, which to Brian's surprise she then neatly tucked all round into the waistband of his underpants. "Right, that'll do you for now I think. It's far too hot and sticky to be wearing those jeans on a day like today." She then said as she gave Brian an appraising look before turning round to shut the wardrobe doors. Brian could only stand there stunned as he looked on with utter dismay as she closed the big thick wooden doors of the wardrobe and then pulled out a set of big old iron keys on a ring, one of which she stuck in the key hole of the wardrobe and locked it with a loud solid click. Brian was now stood there in the corridor wearing nothing more than his polo shirt and y-front underpants, with all his clothes now locked securely behind the big thick wooden doors of that wardrobe, and with it seeming increasingly unlikely he was going to get them back any time soon. A mounting sense of shock and horror swept through him as he realised that he was now obviously expected to spend the rest of the day dressed like this in just his underpants and shirt. As Brian stood there stupefied, a couple of little girls about seven or eight years old came out of a room and walked past to go into a nearby one, and as they passed Brian they let out amused little giggles as they saw him standing there in his underpants. Brian's face flushed hotly with embarrassment and humiliation and he rather pathetically tried to put his hands down to cover his exposed underpants as they passed by. "Right, come on Brian. Let's get you out into the back garden and out in that lovely sun and we'll introduce you to some of the other children, although I'm sure you probably already know the three girls from your school of course." The lady eventually said to Brian as if nothing at all was wrong, and took him by the arm and began to lead him down the corridor and towards the exit out into the back garden, and all he could do was stumble along beside her in a state of shock.

         Brian was led out into the back garden, which was a surprisingly large square of plain flat grass, bordered on all sides by a tall boarded wooden fence. Out on the big square of grass, lots of various garden toys and bits of play equipment were scattered about, and of course there were also lots of little children running around playing with it all. The majority of the children there seemed to be little girls, but there were also a few odd little boys running around too. Brian noted that nearly all the boys were dressed nothing more than just their little y-front underpants, but there was also the odd little boys in shorts and t-shirts here and there. Most of the boys looked aged no more than about three to six years old at the oldest, all apart from one junior aged boy who looked about nine, that was currently squatting precariously on top of a small plastic buggy obviously meant for toddlers. The boy was stripped down to just his yellow y-front underpants that had a contrasting navy blue trim, and he was looking quite agitated and worried as two girls about seven years old sat near him giggling and looked as if they were having a bit of fun teasing him. The girls by contrast were all dressed in either shorts or skirts and t-shirts or light summer dresses, and some of the girls were still wearing their junior school uniform dresses and skirts. Not a single one of the girls had just been stripped off to their underwear, even the little toddler aged girls were all dressed properly. The average age of the girls looked a bit higher than that of the boys too, and their ages seemed to range from about three up to about eleven or twelve due to the three girls from the first year of his school, who were the eldest girls there. There were also a lot more junior aged girls there and quite a few looked between the ages of seven and ten.

         Still holding Brian by the arm the lady led him over to where a small wooden indoor climbing frame of the sort used by toddler groups, had been placed outside and surrounded by a few foam filled safety mats. On the frame a few little preschool aged girls and one junior aged looking girl were having a clamber about. Around the base of the frame a couple more junior girls were playing about on the mats. The slightly chubby looking junior aged girl up on the climbing frame, who looked about eight or nine, was just about to take a turn down the slide attached to the side of the climbing frame, when the lady brought Brian over to stand before the frame and present him to the girls. Brian could hear his heart pounding and almost felt faint as she brought them both to a halt right in front of these junior girls.

         "Right girls, I want you to say hello to Brian here, who's just joined us today. I know he's a big senior boy, but that doesn't mean he won't be feeling quite shy with all your new faces around to get used to. So I want you all to give him a nice welcome and make him feel at home." The lady said to the little junior girls, who stopped what they were doing to stare at Brian, as he stood there before them all exposed in his brightly patterned y-front underpants and two tone blue polo shirt. With that the lady just left Brian stood there as she then went off round the other side of the climbing frame to watch over some little toddlers. Brian stood there rooted to the spot blushing furiously, as the three junior girls looked up at him stood there in his underpants and began giggling and laughing at him. The chubby girl then quickly came down the slide to land at the bottom so that she could get a better view of his underpants. In front of him a little girl of no more than about seven, dressed in her little light blue school summer dress looked up at him smirking and giggling. Over to his left an older ten year old looking girl dressed in shorts, a t-shirt and a sun hat, who had been sprawled out on one of the mats, was busy pulling herself backup with the frame behind her, so that she could also get a better look at him. She was having a hard time trying to pull herself back up though, as she burst into fits of amused derisive laughter and giggles as she stared at Brian timidly stood there in his underpants. The chubby girl to his right that had now come down the slide also joined in with the giggles and laughter, and Brian could only stand there looking pathetically shy and nervous. Brian's face flushed hotly with shame and humiliation, and at first his hands instinctively came down in a clumsy and pathetic attempt to try and cover his exposed underpants from the staring giggling girls. He soon realised that it was utterly pointless trying to cover himself from their watching eyes and after a few moments he meekly let his hands fall to his side in resignation, letting the girls properly see the front of his fully exposed underpants as he bowed his head down in shame and submission before them.

         "Urm... hello..." Brian finally said in a weak meek voice to the girls. The girls however just continued to stare at his exposed underpants laughing and giggling.

         "Ha! Ha! You've been made to play in your pants like a little pre-schooler!" the oldest of the three girls then said in a highly amused mocking crowing voice. To which the other two girls joined in with more cheeky derisive giggles of their own. Brian could only stand there feeling utterly subjugated and dominated by these three little junior girls, who he now felt completely at the mercy of. As Brian stood there in submission he suddenly heard the two little girls who were sat over by the nine year old boy suddenly call out.

         "MISS! MISS! Justin's wet his pants!" the two girls called out gleefully to another lady that was over at the back end of the garden not far from them. All the girls then turned round to look in the direction of the boy, with the three junior girls in front of him now getting up to have a better look at the commotion. The boys was still sat rather awkwardly on the plastic buggy and now had a rather distraught look on his face as one of the girls near him sat there pointing at his underpants. The crotch of his underpants now looked dark and wet, and a little trickle of pee could still be seen emanating from the soaking wet crotch of his pants to trickle down the front of the plastic buggy. The girls near Brian were all now craning to have a better look, as the lady down near the boy hurriedly strode over to see what was going on. The lady looked down at the boy with a look of annoyance and disdain and reached down to grab the boy by an arm and forcibly hauled him up off the buggy. As soon as she had stood him back up on his feet, her free hand swung down to deliver several loud thwacks across the boy's bottom. Then she roughly tugged the boy along behind her as she led him back over to the house. As she led him past Brian and the girls, the boy stumbled along behind her crying, with his underpants still wet and dripping between his legs.

         "AH HA HA!" the girls all jeered loudly and laughed as the tearful distraught boy was led past. Thankfully that little interlude seemed to break the spell rooting Brian to the spot and keeping him in the thrall of these three little girls, and as soon as the boy had gone past the lady that had brought him out called him over to the climbing frame.

         "Brian, perhaps you'd like to come over here and have a go on the climbing frame and show these little ones what a big boy can do? I'm sure the frame will be able to hold your weight, it's quite sturdy enough and firmly pegged into the ground." The lady said as Brian walked over to the frame. A flush of shame blossomed in his cheeks as he noted the three first year senior girls from his school were now stood near the lady and now looked at Brian as he approached with big broad amused and gloating grins written across their faces. "Right why don't you just climb up and have a play around for bit so that the little ones can see what you can do." The lady now said to Brian.

         Brian now had a small audience of girls watching him as he tentatively started to mount the climbing frame. The three senior girls from his school were now watching him intently with highly amused smug grins, and they tittered and giggled to each other as he gingerly climbed up the frame. Behind him the three junior girls had now got up off the floor to watch as well and he could also hear them giggling and chuckling as he climbed up the frame. All the watching girls got the most intimate views of Brian's underpants from just about every angle and position possible, as he climbed up the frame and over the bars, spreading his legs apart as he straddled bars and slipped and pulled himself between the rungs, giving the girls the most intimate views of his crotch between his spread legs. The girls also seeming to delight when the soft lumpy protrusions of his little boy's bits squished up against the bars as he straddled them between his legs climbing over the top of the frame. The lady even had Brian hang upside down with his knees hooked over the top rungs, and Brian felt utterly helpless as he hung there in front of the girls in his underpants with his arms dangling limply down to the floor. To round off his little show, the lady then wanted Brian to go down the slide, and he rather precariously started to sit himself down at the top, trying to steady himself before attempting to go down the narrow little slide. Just as Brian was gingerly trying to sit himself down at the top, his feet suddenly lost grip on the slippery smooth surface and an instant later caught completely by surprise, Brian let out a startled panicky little fart as he rapidly slid down the slide on the seat of his underpants with his arms and legs flailing about in shock. Brian landed in a big heap at the bottom, arms and legs still flailing about in surprise, as the girls all stood around laughing loudly at his rather inept and ungraceful panicked little flight down the slide.

         After Brian had recovered his composure at the bottom of the slide, the lady then took Brian around the garden showing him other little activities he could join in with. Of course they were all silly little things much more suited to little preschool children than anything a teen like him would be interested in, and at each little activity there was yet another little group of girls and children to be introduced to him. Most of the younger infant girls, whilst looking at him curiously, were none too fussed by the sight of Brian in his underpants, but the junior girls certainly all had a good little giggle at this older senior boy being made to play in his underpants and t-shirt. After his little tour of the garden, Brian was then left on his own and was stood about wondering what to do. It didn't take long however, before some of the other little boys playing out in the garden soon gravitated towards this big boy newcomer, wanting him to play with them, and a little while later Brian soon found himself playing along with all these little boys silly little games and adventures. The boys were all about three to six years old, and like him most of them were just dressed in their underpants as they played. First they played on the climbing frame, pretending that it was a pirate ship and that the blue mats below were shark infested waters, so that they all had to clamber around trying not to touch the floor. Then they went off on an expedition around the garden searching for treasure, crawling through the little canvas play tunnels and digging about in the sandpit. Then after that the little group of boys rolled around on the floor having a bit of a play fight and wrestle, with all the little boys piling onto the big boy Brian of course. The little boys of course were most unselfconscious when it came to intimate physical contact with each other and Brian, as he wrestled with all these little boys in their underpants, and on a few occasions he ended up with a little boy sat on his face or straddling his hips and sitting right on top of his little boys bits, which Brian found a little bit embarrassing and awkward. The little boys however couldn't care less, as Brian found their little bulging crotches being thrust into his face as they crawled over his head or rubbing up against some other part of his body. As Brian lay on the floor wrestling with the little boys in his underpants, he looked up to see the three senior girls from his school looking down at him with amused mocking grins.

         "Made some new friends have you Brian?" they crowed sarcastically, whilst laughing at him.

         "He really is just like one of the little boys isn't he?" another girl said with amusement.

         "I know. It didn't take him long to fit in with the little pre-schoolers did it?" they giggled down at him.

         "Maybe next year you should go back down to reception class at infants school Brian. I'm sure they'll let you play in your pants and vest if you want." One of the girls said mockingly, causing the other girls to burst into little fits of laughter. Brian could only lay there on the floor, still wrestling with the boys but now feeling utterly belittled and shamed. Soon after that, the girls left, having had their fun teasing him for the moment.

         A little while later, the boys tired of their little wrestling bout and they all broke off to play with other things in the garden for a bit. Not long after that, as Brian was once more left wondering what to do with himself, the sound of a little commotion caught Brian's attention and looking over towards the back door of the house where he could hear a few girls cheering and laughing, he saw the junior boy who had earlier wet his pants, being brought back out into the garden again by the lady that had carted him off. Brian was shocked to see that the boy was now dressed in a big thick bulky looking nappy which was covered over by a pair of milky white plastic pants. As the boy was led out waddling along in his big thick nappy, with his thick padded bottom waggling about from side to side, the girls all crowded round cheering and laughing, causing the dismayed pouting boy to once more burst into tears. The boy was then sat down over by a group of toddlers and he then just sat there in his nappy crying and snivelling, looking utterly dejected and crushed. It was at about that time that Brian suddenly started to feel a rather desperate urge to need to go to the toilet himself for a number two. Not wanting to end up like that little junior boy, Brian went over to ask the lady who had been looking after him where the toilets were.

         "Are you desperate?" she asked, to which Brian nodded his head, as his need to go now felt increasingly urgent. "Right, well then you'd better go and use the little ones toilet which is down on the ground floor. Go back through the backdoor into the corridor and it's the first door on your right." She explained to Brian, who then hurriedly went off to find the toilet. When Brian got there he was dismayed to find that the toilets were completely open plan. Along the wall just inside the door to his left, was a line of little low down wash basins, that Brian would have to practically crouch down to use. Past them, along the wall over on the far left of the room, was a boy's urinal trough and in front of him along the back wall, was a row of toilets with toilet roll holders fixed to the wall next to each one. The toilets were all simply open to view; there wasn't even a dividing panel between them. The toilets all had little sets of plastic steps going up to them and child seat adapters on top of the regular seats. On one of the toilets a little four year old girl sat swinging her legs back and forth, as she sat there most unselfconsciously having a wee, with her dress hitched up and her little panties hanging around her ankles. Brian didn't have time to try and find the other toilets as his urge to poop became even more desperate as his tummy ached and his bottom now felt ready to burst. Having little choice, Brian quickly removed one of the seat adaptors from a toilet and quickly tried to take his underpants down whilst cupping his little private bits with one hand as he sat down on the toilet. The little girl who was sat one toilet down from him, finished her wee and spread her legs apart to give her little vagina a wipe, before pulling her knickers back up and going over to give her hands a quick wash. Brian sat there holding back, waiting for her to go so that he could do his poop in private.

         As soon as she left and the toilet was empty, Brian let go and let out a long loud fart and was about to follow through, when suddenly to his utter horror three junior aged girls walked in, that he hadn't yet seen before when he was out in the garden. The girls must have been indoors in one of the rooms all the time he was outside and the three all looked about nine or ten years old. The girls, who were chatting animatedly between themselves when they walked in, suddenly stopped and went silent as they saw Brain, and looked at him with shock and surprise as they saw him sat there on the toilet with his underpants hanging down around his legs just below his knees. Brian had tucked his little boy's bits between his legs, but nevertheless he still put a hand down over the top of them to cover them up as they walked in and saw him. It didn't take long for the girl's gasps of shock to turn into astonished and amused laughter and giggles. The three girls, who had obviously just come in to use the wash basins, now stood there looking at him sat on the toilet with his pants down, completely besides themselves laughing and giggling at him. Brian once more blushed bright red with utter shame and humiliation, as he once again tried to hold back his desperate urge to poop, which was even harder than ever now that he had already started the process. The girls didn't seem to be about to go any time soon and carried on standing there laughing and giggling at him and making teasing comments among themselves. Seconds later Brian could just no longer hold his desperate urges back, and right there in front of the three girls he began to do his poo. Another fart erupted from his bottom as his poop finally forced its way out, followed by lots of wet pops and crackles and more little farts as a long sausage of poop slid out of his bottom and plopped noisily into the toilet bowl water below. As Brian pooped himself right there in front of them, the girls went almost hysterical with fits of loud laughter. Brian sat there feeling utterly mortified as the girls stood there practically in tears laughing at him. The girls still obviously had no intention of leaving and were very likely going to stay there until Brian got up and left. So whilst trying to keep one hand covering his private bits, Brian reached behind and fumbled with the toilet roll single handed trying to tear off bits to wipe his bottom with. All the while the girls stood there watching with amusement and teasing him whilst he tried to wipe his bottom. After a couple of quick wipes, Brian felt that it would have to do, as he now wanted to get out of there as quickly as possible. Still keeping his little private bits covered with one hand, he now pulled his pants back up with his free hand. Once his little privates were covered again, Brain could once more use both hands to pull his underpants back up properly. Without thinking about it as he pulled them up, Brian once more tucked the hem of his polo shirt neatly into the waistband of his pants as the lady had done. The girls who had not seen Brian before of course, now had a good laugh and giggle at him as he stood there in front of them in his y-front underpants and polo shirt. Brian tried to ignore them as best he could, as he washed his hands, but their laughs and giggles and teasing comments still left him feeling belittled and humiliated. After he was done Brian quickly rushed away from those girls and back out into the garden again.

         Out in the garden the junior boy was still sat in his nappy with the little toddlers and was now playing along with their little baby games looking utterly dejected and subdued. Meanwhile Brian found himself once more playing with the little boys up on the climbing frame, this time pretending that it was a castle or fortress, with the floor down in the middle at the bottom of the frame being the dungeon. Brian was cast as a big evil knight and he had to attack the castle climbing up the sides and over the top, where upon the little boys would quickly subdue him and make him sit at the bottom trapped in their dungeon. Then Brian would escape out the side underneath the slide, which was their drawbridge over the castle moat, and Brain would repeat the process and attack their castle once more. As Brian played with the little boys, the three junior girls he had first met there by the frame were once more back playing around at the foot of it. Brian once again made an attack on the little boys castle, climbing up the sides and swinging his legs over the top straddling the top bar between his legs and bottom as he climbed over, and once more the little boys put on their show of fighting him off, defeating and subduing the big evil knight, casting him down to the dungeon at the bottom of the climbing frame. Brian stayed in the dungeon again for a short while before once more making his escape by crawling on his hands and knees out from under the slide and away from the frame to avoid the detection of the patrolling guards at the top of the castle. As Brian crawled past the girls he suddenly heard a little cry of disgust from one of the girls.

         "Ewww! Look!" cried one of the girls behind Brian as he made his way past on his hands and knees.

         "Urgh! Ewww!" came more little amused cries of disgust from behind him.

         "Miss! Miss! Brian's got poopy pants!" one of the girls then called out to the lady who was once more nearby the climbing frame. Brian now froze where he was, still on his hands and knees and tried to look behind him to see what was going on.

         "Right Brian, stay right where you are!" he heard the lady shout over to him firmly, now sounding a little stricter than her so far usual jolly self. Brian then heard her come up behind him, and with him still down on the floor on his hands and knees, he felt her slip her fingers in to one of the legs of his underpants about level with his little bottom hole and pull them over to one side stretching them tight so she could inspect the seat of his underpants. "Oh dear, really Brian!" she said with a tone of disappointment and annoyance. "Did you remember to wipe your bottom after going to the toilet?" she asked irately.

         "Urm... yes Miss." Brian replied meekly, sounding rather unsure of himself as he remembered the brief quick wipe he had given himself due to those girls being there in the toilets with him. Constantly climbing over that frame and straddling those bars between his legs must have rubbed his pants against his still mucky bottom, leaving a visible poo stripe in the seat of his underpants, he surmised with a now mounting feeling of shame and worry.

         "Well you obviously didn't do a very good job!" she replied snappily. "Really Brian, older boys like you should be able to clean themselves properly by now." She said irritatedly, before then reaching down to pull him up off the floor. "Right, we'd better go get you cleaned up. We can't have you wearing dirty disgusting pants like that!" she exclaimed as she then led him off back into the house.

         Once more Brian found himself in the little pre-schoolers toilets as the lady brought him back inside the house to clean him up. There were a few preschool and infant age children in the toilet when she pulled him in there, but that didn't seem to worry her, as without ceremony and much to his utter shock and surprise, she simply reached down and pulled Brian's underpants down and off over his feet. Brian stood there in the toilets surrounded by little girls and the odd boy, and he quickly put his hands down to cup his little private bits. Being a bit of a late developer, Brian was still quite hairless down below and although his balls had dropped a bit and his voice had broken slightly, his little bits were still quite prepubescent looking. Most of the other boys in his class by now had a good tuft of pubic hair or at the very least had started growing a few wisps of it. Brian though was still quite hairless and he still looked more like one of the eleven year old first year boys than the other teens his age. Not that any of the little children here would know about such things of course, but Brian still felt very self-conscious of it and he quickly covered up his little underdeveloped privates. The lady then told Brian to go and tear off several sheets of toilet paper. Brian tried to fumble with the toilet paper single headedly again whilst still trying to cover his privates with one hand, but the lady soon put a stop to his fumbling.

         "What on earth is the matter with you boy? Use both hands!" she now snapped at him impatiently, and Brian now had to take his hand away from his shameful little private bits and leave them all exposed as he tore off a few sheets of toilet paper. Brian now turned to face the lady holding his sheets of toilet paper, and standing there completely naked from the waist down. The hem of his old polo shirt only came down a couple of inches or so past his waist, leaving his bare bottom and his little bits all fully exposed. Brian just stood there numb with shock as all the little girls continued to mill about around him, occasionally stopping to stare most unabashedly at his little private bits with curious intimate little stares. Even the lady gave his little bits a good look over, making Brian feel utterly helpless and subjugated as he stood there before her blushing brightly with humiliation. "Right, now turn around, bend over and let me see you give your bottom a jolly good wipe clean." She snapped irately at him, now starting to lose her patience with him. Brian did as he was told and most humiliatingly for him, he bent over in front of this lady and all the little girls, baring his mucky brown ringed bottom hole to them and then started to wipe it clean. "Now look at the sheets and tell me if they look clean." The lady snapped in her short tempered voice, as Brian finished using the first folded pair of sheets.

         "No Miss." Brian replied as he looked at the dirty brown streak across the white toilet tissue.

To be continued next month.

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