Mummy Nera's Nursery

Dear Kitty Petunia,

Another good week I see from you Kitty Petunia. You are really starting to blossom into a lovely sissy little baby aren't we? Just as Mummy wishes you to be.

Mummy wants you to keep up with your nappy wearing for the next fortnight with 2 inserts as before. Mummy is really starting to see you are becoming dependant on your little nappies now. Just as it should be.

Your assignments for the next fortnight little Kitty:

Mummy doesn't think you have been trying hard enough for the "magic word" so I am going keep this on going as Mummy does enjoy the growing frustration of a sissy baby. I want to hear of your progress on this task weekly from now on. It amuses me very much to see you desperate Petunia.

You are to remain in your chastity cage until that "magic word" is said 5 times. If you manage to get the lucky number you must ask permission before you remove your cage to relieve yourself. You are not allowed to relieve yourself until you have say so from Mummy. If you masturbate without permission you will be punished gravely for it!

I see you have been progressing with your lisping and curtseys for the last two weeks as well. Mummy trusts they are perfectly executed with no knocking of the knees. Remember to be delicate and dainty with your pretty legs Kitty.

Mummy would like you to preform the same curtseys as before with each sentence with your dummy in, but she would also like to add sissy wrists to the mix. Your hands are to be kept by your sides with your fingers pointing outwards as your preform your curtseys. Pretty dainty wrists, with pretty dainty curtseys. Perfect!

To add to your pretty sissy assignments this week. As it's a new year Mummy little Kitty to treat herself to a pedicure. Mummy wants you to book an appointment with a local beauty salon in the next two weeks and have a full pedicure with a "French manicure" style paint. Mummy would like to see a picture of the results.

We have to keep those curtseying legs and feet as pretty as possible.

After your pedicure I would like you to go into a lingerie store and purchase 3 pairs of pink or white lacy panties (or both). These panties are to be worn over your nappies for the next two weeks. Mummy wants you to earn the privilege to wear panties on your bare skin but for now as a reward to can wear pretty knickers over your nappies.

Mummy x

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