My girlfriend read all of the the letters on your website but I was not going for this sissy crap as I called it for a couple of years. Then one morning I woke up to a big shock. I do mean a electrical shock. While I was asleep she put a dog collar shock collar around my neck.

Before all of this happened I was a strongly abusive man. I would not allow her to spend any money with my permission. I told her what to wear and when to wear it. It was not unusual for me to make her do things that humiliated her. One of the things I liked to do was make her tell me I was her Master and she was my stupid little slave. Well on that morning that I woke up to the shock from the collar I not in any position to make her do for me but the other way around. That happened two years ago today and for the anniversary of her taking control she is making me write this to you.

The first thing she did was make me get out of bed and get on my knees and beg her to let me serve her as her total slave. I did everything she told me to do when she said, if I did not I felt the shock of the collar.

I was told to take a shower and shave off all of my body hair. She got this idea from your letters. After I was shaved I was told to go to the bedroom and get dressed in the clothes on the bed. There was a big fat diaper from hell it was so big that after I put it on all I could do was waddle. Then I had to put on a pair of hot pink panties that fit over the diaper.The dress she had out was like some thing I had saw in movies in the 60's. It was dirty and straight. It was made from flour sacks and had a sign on it that read "I am Sara's sissy slave and will do her every bidding." I knew at that point my lift as Master was over. She took tons of pictures of me wearing that outfit and sucking my thumb like a little baby girl. I had to crawl to her and beg her to let my kiss her feet and got shocked three times before she accepted my begging like a little girl for candy.

We moved on to putting everything in her name including my trust fund. If I wanted any thing I had to do some to earn it. She soon got her a boyfriend who I had to serve also and he had a nasty sense of what was fun for him. He would make me do things to his friends and they would laugh at the little sissy girl as they called me.

At this time I don't have a collar on I have no need for it because I know she will take every thing and I will be on the street for life if I leave her. I have become what she made me to please her. My step Daughter has also been given control over me I must call her ma'am and she makes me clean her house while wearing a sissy outfits right now I am wearing rumba panties and a short dress and dancing around for her friends between writing this letter.

Used to be a man,

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