from Jim

Dear Auntie Helga,

My wife and I have talked about an FLR relationship on and off for the past year. She also likes guys who wear maid uniforms which I'm not as keen on but have let her experiment with me. Donna brings home shoes, more like high heels for me to try on and a bra here and there. She talked me into shaving myself right down to having nothing in the pubic area. I wear panties most of the time which Donna bought for me. Donna explains her desire to have me live with her in charge of everything while I attend to the household duties which we do together most of the time.

She has this picture in her office of a husband dressed as a hotel like maid ironing his wife's clothes while she sips on wine. Donna feels that is the way life should be for more men and for me. I see the FLR part of it all and agree to allow Donna to take control since she is better at getting things done. I'm just not so sure about wearing a maid uniform and high heels and stuff.

Donna has told me many times all kinds of men become maids for their wives with the pictures we looked at to prove it. I have pretty well worn everything just not all at the same time with Donna's stamp of approval on her selections. Last week I started to wear a silky nightgown to bed just to please Donna. I don't mind wearing it even though it's not very masculine at all.

If I was a betting man I suspect Donna has already purchased the maid uniform after verifying my sizes with everything I tried on and she said she returned. Other than dressing like a maid my main concerns are Donna taking to this and I am stuck being her fulltime maid and I guess her having all the control then.

Auntie Helga am I right to be concerned or should I trust Donna and let her have her way?


Thank you for your letter Jim. Your wife sounds like a wonderful woman, strong and confident. Her desire to have you as her maid is very common these days and I fully agree with her choices. I suggest you trust her, you love her. She wants to experience life on her terms right now and you should support her, don't worry, it will be fine.

Auntie Helga
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