From Cassie And Sissy Jacqueline
from Sissy Jacqueline

Dear Auntie Helga,

My name is Jacob, though in recent months I have become much more accustomed to the name Jacqueline. I wanted to write you to thank you and your wonderful site for the knowledge and insight that it offers to both women and sissies in need of guidance. I would like to briefly tell you of my past and why I feel the need to thank you and those who have also sent letters.

To say that I was a bit of a perverted teenager when I was younger is an understatement. I won't go into specifics but let's just say that my perversions eventually led me to things like transgender and sissy materials. This is something that I got hung up on from an early age, probably around fourteen or fifteen years old. The desire to live as a sissy and serve a commanding and deserving woman is one that has been growing in me for many years.

Enter Cassie, my girlfriend of about three years; a smart, beautiful, kind and wonderful woman who I am very lucky to now call my Mistress. We started dating when she was 20 years of age and I was 21. We've always gotten along well but for the longest time I was afraid to tell her my deep desires; my wanting to be feminized, to submit to her completely, and to spend every minute of my life working to make her happier. I did let this come through in some subtle ways. When there were decisions to make I would encourage her to take the lead and would almost always allow her the final word without protest. In the bedroom, while I did obviously want to have my own fun, I did everything that I possibly could to ensure that she achieved the wonderful climax that she deserved. I did lots of the housework, though she was always more than happy to help out without me asking her to.

It was about five months ago that I finally worked up the courage to discuss the possibility of transitioning to this life with her. It was a very awkward subject to bring up, since there really isn't any way to just naturally work it into a conversation. She wasn't sure if I was serious at first and wasn't fully aware of what I was proposing. I assured her that I was completely serious and asked her to please think about it. I also promised that if we tried living this way and she didn't like it then I would never bring it up again. However I also showed her your wonderful site and encouraged her to read through as many letters and articles as she liked.

Over the next week or so, Cassie spent quite a few hours browsing around your site. She read letters from women who talked about how much this lifestyle improved their own lives and strengthened their relationships. She also read letters from other petticoated sissies who were very happy and thankful for the guidance they were given by their wonderful significant others and family members. However she didn't talk to me about it until she had made her decision. I was afraid. I was being slowly crushed by the idea that I had ruined my relationship with the most important person in my life. I was terrified that she was going to declare me an irredeemable pervert and kick me to the curb. You can imagine my relief and joy when she decided that my feminization was something worth trying.

For the last four months I have worn panties, stockings, and a training bra under my clothes while in public. At home I am often dressed in a skirt or tutu, soft camisoles and blouses, knee socks or stockings, etc. We haven't devoted too much time or money to my wardrobe, but I believe that Cassie plans to expand it soon. For the past six weeks I have been locked in a tight fitting chastity device. It's not very comfortable but it does keep my urges in check; I did admittedly have a masturbation problem before but Cassie is very keen on correcting such deplorable behavior now. When she began measuring me and told me it was for a chastity cage, I was filled with mixed feelings of excitement and dread. She has grown much more confident and comfortable with giving me orders and has come to place her own needs and desires well above my own, just as she should. She still helps with house work from time to time, but only when I'm overwhelmed.

I am very happy that I am finally living a life that I've fantasized about for so long. More importantly, I am getting to live it with a wonderful woman in charge; a woman that I love very deeply and am happy to submit to in mind, body, and soul. I told Cassie that I planned to write a letter to you, thanking you for your site which helped lead us both down this better path. She said that it was a wonderful idea and she would also like to add something else to the letter as well.
Hello Helga, this is Cassie. I've just browsed through the letter that Jacqueline has typed for you, to make sure that it wasn't inaccurate or too vulgar and I'm pleased enough with her summary of the events. I also very much plan to invest quite a bit more into Jacqueline's wardrobe in the coming months. I would like to thank you very deeply from my own heart as well. Me and Jacob got along very well before and I was very happy with him, however my life feels like it has improved by many magnitudes ever since he transitioned into my submissive little Jacqueline. She's obedient, attentive, and I'd be lying if I said that I don't enjoy seeing her struggle in her chastity belt and panties when I have her attend to my carnal needs.

Anyway, I also wanted to use this opportunity to make a little bit of an announcement. I plan to send this without letting her get a final look through and the idea of her reading this at the same time as all of your readers is delightful to me. I spoke with her very briefly on the subject of castration as it's something I've seen on your site somewhat frequently. She seemed quite a bit uncomfortable about the idea but said that in the end she would submit to it if I desired it. However I want a family some day as well. I plan for the two of us to have two children together.

So here's my little announcement. Jacqueline dear, the day after our second child is born will also be the day I begin looking for a doctor to rid you of those unnecessary family jewels. It may be years from now, long after we're married, but I promise that I will not rest until they're gone. I love you so much and want what is best for you, and I know now that you will be much happier without those disgusting urges to touch your little clitty.

Thank you Helga, thank you other readers, and of course thank you to my loving sissy Jacqueline.

How nice to hear from you and thank you for writing such a delightful and honest letter, also please pass along my gratitude to your amazing Mistress for allowing you to do so.

Isn't it something when we are honest about our feelings and share them with the person we love how well things turn out. I am so happy for the both of you, and Cassie, I fully support your decision to remove her little jewels.

Auntie Helga

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