from Deborah

Dear Helga,

The petticoating began to take on a degree of regularity. Many times during the week, Martin would come home and change into his girl's clothing. Although he preferred dresses, he came to terms with that during the cooler months, warmer, more appropriate garments were required. It meant buying a gymslip for during the week and more skirts with slips or petticoats for weekends. Fortuitously, his form teacher had already bought him a replacement pack of school briefs during a day out.

His behaviour was more or less steady but the occasional outburst was punished - or should that be rewarded - with a formal disciplining petticoating and panty training (to ensure the panties were fitted correctly). The effect as always was more or less immediate settling him down into a more gentle, appreciative human being. I know that there were occasions when he was looking for panty guidance by being naughty. There were several occasions whereby he was petticoated and grounded for three days over weekends to learn the lessons of obedience and the requirement to comply with my necessary control. These could include spankings and other suitable punishments that could ease the tension he was obviously under.

This continued once he was at university and although he now had access to other members of the fairer, superior sex, he still returned home for some 'calm days' or weekends. I can imagine the pressure he was under at college so the drive home to relieve the pressure was understandable. And naturally, I helped him do just that.

After graduating from university, he returned home for several years and during his first job his regular dressing continued. Thankfully, the bigger gymslip, with some shoulder button adjustment still fitted him as well as more modern women's clothes I purchased for him. He became interested in different styles and textures of modern panties, but always returned to the fuller, higher waisted versions. Regrettably he had to lose his lovely hair to fit in with his job.

Eventually he met a suitable girl, who, as you might expect, turned out to be a similar character to me. We had some cozy chats about how to handle Martin, and I'm pleased to say that she and I were in the same mind. She continues to be the dominant partner of the relationship and although I don't interfere with their relationship, I have provided some tips for maintaining her superior position. I suspect he has told her he dresses for calming, I don't know for sure. A check on their linen basket suggests that he does dress still.

But I am pleased to report that Martin has turned out to be a very nice man who treats women with courtesy and thoughtfulness. He is sociable and provides a loving partner for his wife. And it's nice that both he, on his own and as a couple both visit me from time to time.


Thank you for your letter Deborah. I know the readers have followed along as you described your outstanding use of petticoating Martin and with the perfect result all practitioners of the art strive to achieve, a gentle kind adult that respects others and puts the needs of his wife above himself. I imagine she too has learned the comforting nature this discipline can provide.


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