from Sissy Jenny

Dear Auntie Helga,

When I met my girlfriend 4 years ago I thought I had died and gone to heaven. She was so beautiful in every way that I wondered why she was going out with me. It's not that was bad looking but was born with a small penis so keeping girls around long didn't happen for me. We eventually were married with me so happy to have married such a beautiful woman.

Within weeks of getting married my now wife started to cuckold me keeping me in chastity most of the time. Every Saturday night Penny would bring a man home and my job was prepare him to have sex with her. Penny forced me to lick her vagina clean after the men were finished and once in a while I was allowed to masturbate out of chastity on Penny's vagina then I had to clean it up too. Each time I complained about not being the husband I wanted to be Penny would slap me hard telling me to shut up and stop complaining.

Penny started to buy me sissy outfits and lingerie taking all of my clothes away then making me her sissymaid cuck. Life has progressively become one of me serving Penny's every wish or I am punished. Penny has already made plans to have my testicles and penis surgically removed thus making me look more feminine. She told me I am her sissy so having a penis and testicles makes no sense to her. I've tried begging her to allow me to keep my parts but she is determined to have me look more like a girl and less like the man I was once. Penny went so far to have my hair cut and styled like a girl, I have long nails and a hairless body from face down. When I look in the mirror I see a girl not a guy anymore but inside I feel I'm a guy. There are no children in our life because Penny can't have kids and maybe if she could I wouldn't be her sissy.

My reason for writing is not to hope you can help my situation but instead to ask you if my situation is more normal than I think. There is nothing I can do to get out of it with Penny having total control of finances and the house. I know when Penny tells me something is going to happen I am best to bow and accept it. Months ago when this got serious I tested Penny's power only to find myself locked in a dog cage in the basement for 12 hours with no clothes on.

Auntie Helga I could go on for hours however Penny will be home soon and I'm expected to be on all fours when she gets here.

If you can make sense out of some of my life it might make me feel better.

Sissy Jenny

Thank you for your letter Sissy Jenny. I doubt there is much I could do anyway to 'help' you out of your situation, more likely to help you accept the inevitable.

Many men are in this type of relationship, I speak to them every day so yes, I would say it could be considered normal or at least not that unusual. I suggest you do your best and obey. It will be fine, relax.

Auntie Helga

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