Mummy Nera's Nursery
Corrective Regression Part Two

Dear Kitty Petunia,

Well I see you are off to a flying start with your "Corrective Regression" programme. You have a long way to go little Kitty Petunia, but you are at least going in the right direction. I have no idea what your previous Mistress was talking about you being a handful. She just obviously wasn't talking you firmly by the hand.

I am pleased you have been using your initiative with your nappies too. Mummy most definitely feels keeping you in nappies is the catalyst that will force you to comply to Mummy's rules.

Your assignments for this week:

First of all I absolutely insist you are kept in nappies until you can prove to me you have some self restraint. Not only with remembering where your place is but also to keep you in line with Mummy's zero tolerance no masturbation rule. You must use the same nappy changing routine as before making sure you carry clean nappies around with you at all times and changing three times a day at the previous times stated in your last assignment.

Mummy wants to keep your nappies thick and crinkly for you to be firmly reminded of where your place is in Mummy's "Corrective Regression" programme. So I must stress you put in at least 2 inserts with each nappy change.

I wish for you to carry on with your sissy lisping practice with the same sentences in your last assignment. This time I want you to add 10 curtseys to each sentence as you repeat your sissy sentences with your dummy in your mouth. These curtseys must be preformed to the highest standard. Mummy doesn't want to see any knocking knees!

With regards to your chastity I am very pleased with your progress. Soon your sissy clitty will begin to shrink and that is by far the ultimate goal of any sissy baby. To be as true to babyish as possible. As a reward for your efforts with wearing your chastity cage this week I am going to set you a little task. Let's play a little game!

This game is really more of a challenge for you. I am going to give you a "secret word". For the next fortnight I want you to have conversations with people throughout your day subliminally forcing them to use the "secret word". The word must be said when they are speaking to you directly, not an overheard conversation. If you manage to coerce someone to use this word 5 times in a single conversation (not over several conversations) you may masturbate. Your "secret word" for this task is "Pretty." Have fun!

If you cannot secretly coerce someone to say the "secret word". You are not permitted to masturbate. Mummy will just have to keep you desperate for a little longer. Desperate and frustrated sissy's make the best sissy's in my opinion.

Kind Regards,

Mummy Nera x

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