I was running late to get home before my mom because she got really pissed if I was late, I had been grounded and was supposed to get home in fifteen minutes. I decided to cut through my friend Julie's back yard. As I was crossing the fence I heard this ripping sound. Sure enough I had ripped my new uniform pants. Our school uniforms were made by a company in America and they only came once a quarter. I hoped to repair them before mom got home from her job at the county clerks office.

I then saw out the corner of my eye Julie looking out her window she opened the window and called for me to come over. I did but tried to tell her I had to get home and why but she said I had ripped them worse than I had thought. She came to her back door and she told me to come in quick and she would loan me a pair of her brother's from last year. Tom had gone to college and left them behind. I looked at them and they were like brand new. I was happy but still in a hurry. Julie said for me to come in quick and put them on.

When I got inside I found out Dolly Jones was there also. Dolly was called the Queen B at school. She could make a guy cry like a little girl just looking at him. I said that I had to get home right away but Dolly said that I was to come back to Julie's house and she said don't be late six o'clock, She then handed me a pair of red satin panties and said "be wearing these". I tried to find a way to get out of it but she said in a loud voice "Do it slut".

I ran home as fast as I could after putting on the panties and the pants. The only good news was mom was running late. I changed my clothes except the panties. I stood before the mirror and saw the red satin panties with ruffles on the back and a pink bow on the top of the front. I quickly put on some jeans and a tee shirt. Just as I finished mom popped in the door. I was stuttering a hello when I saw right behind her Julie and Dolly. I ask why are you guys here. Mom said Jerry don't be so rude the girls are staying for dinner. Mom explained that she ran into them and they said that their moms had went of shopping and mom agreed to let them stay at our house until their moms got home. Mom made sandwiches for us and said she was going to lay down. I almost cried when I heard her say you girls be good and don't get into stuff. Mom closed her door and things went out in left field after that.

In twenty minutes I was out of my pants and shirt and into the red panties and a pink tee top and a very shirt school girl skirt. Julie and Dolly were telling me to get on my knees and don't look into their eyes. Dolly went on to say good little sissy boys mind their Mistress. Julie said that she had read a lot about sissy slaves and that she and Dolly were making me their little sissy slave. Julie turned on her recorder on her cell phone. Dolly handed me a note and said I was to read it but it had to sound like it was coming from the heart. Julie said if you don't do as you are told you will be out there on Facebook. Tears formed in my eyes, they started running down my cheeks, in a quick second I felt a belt strike my pantied butt. I was silently crying so my mom would not hear me. Just then the door opened and mom said you girls be good I decided to go to the mall to get some new clothes for my new daughter.

I started to yell that I was not going to do this. Dolly said is that your final word about this sissy boy? I then thought of her putting it on Facebook. Mom said you do look very pretty in that outfit Sissy. Now I was crying.

I was told that from now, until they decided, I would be their maid and what ever else they wanted me to be. The next few weeks were spent filling my closet with stuff like Taylor Swift would wear. I soon had a tattoo of a poodle on my butt cheek, with the words Poodle Girl on it. Mom would not allow me to get a hair cut or the rest of the year. I was sent on Tuesdays to clean Dolly's room and wash her dirty clothes. She made me wash out her undies by hand and hang them on the line in the back yard. I had to sit and wait in a chair by the pole of the clothes line.

Mrs Peters who lived next to us talked to mother and I would up being her's on Saturdays. I had to do as she said. My life is filled with being maid, sex toy, doing what ever they wanted. I will write more later, I have to wash Dolly's car while wearing her hot pink bikini in the front driveway. Again the guys will walk by or drive by and yell at me.

Poodle Girl

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