from Mavis

Dear Helga,

Whilst I have not written to you before, I have nevertheless, followed your site for several years now, and on occasion, used some of the ideas from it in my own home.

My second husband Allen, was never great at sex, but, when we were first married, it was enjoyable, and even frantic at times. After a few months however, it gradually got more and more perfunctory, and even boring at times. However, we were committed to each other, and otherwise quite happy, or so I thought, until one day I caught him wanking himself wearing a pair of my panties, and watching the next-door neighbour hanging out her washing.

I won't go into details here, but, suffice it to say that I gave him a choice, my way, or the highway. To save the embarrassment of his dirty washing being brought out in a divorce, he gave in and became my sissy servant; while I began to look for other sexual partners.

I had several boyfriends until I met my present one Arthur, who, after a couple of months, moved in with me, while Allen (Alice as I called him), moved from the spare room, to the cupboard under the stairs (Grins... Thank you J. K. Rowling, for that suggestion). Things went on like this quite happily for a while, however while one or two friends knew the score, we always had to be careful of what we said, and to whom. It was not long before Arthur suggested we should come clean and "out" Alice and our relationship.

I thought it was a great idea, and as our anniversary was coming up, I thought of having a party where we could do this; totally humiliating my erstwhile husband at the same time. We made all the arrangements, and invited almost 40 guests; but to keep Alice in the dark about what was to happen, we made it a fancy-dress evening, which meant that Alice could wear her maids outfit (she wore female clothes all the time indoors, and was permanently in panties, often pantyhose too) without getting suspicious.

The plan worked wonderfully, the party was a great success, and while not everyone invited turned up, there were more than thirty family, friends, and acquaintances. At around nine thirty, I called all the guests together and made this speech:

"Hello everyone, and thank you very much for coming to Allen and My fourth wedding anniversary. Also, thank you for making the effort of coming in the lovely costumes that most of you have come in. I say most, as there are one or two that haven't dressed up, one of whom is Allen who wears women's clothes at all times in the house, and who serves and tends to my needs and the needs of my boyfriend Arthur, who also lives here, and who shares my bed.

This arrangement came about when I one day caught Allen in the act of masturbating while wearing a pair of my knickers, and watching Doreen, hanging hers on the washing line. Allen, or "Alice" as I call him, has been my sissy servant for almost three, of the four years we have been married.

Our reason for telling you this now, is so that you all know the truth of our situation, and we no longer have to keep this a secret, which has become something of an annoyance, having to watch what we say and to whom. So now you know! And, to make up for any embarrassment this may have caused, Arthur will now punish Alice for making all this deception necessary."

To say you could hear a pin drop at the end of this speech would be a terrible understatement. The only noise was a strange choking sound coming from Alice, as she was being tightly pinioned, having tried to flee early in the speech. Arthur dragged her forward, and as he held her, I pulled her panties down and held her dress up, so that all could see her chastity device, framed delicately by the straps of her suspender belt.

By this time of course, Alice was openly crying with shame, but, realising no doubt the hopelessness of her situation, meekly allowed Arthur to put her over his knee, and begin a very hard spanking. She then had to stand in the corner for twenty minutes, hands on head, dress pinned above the waist, and panties at half mast, showing off a bare bottom that I am sure, would have glowed in the dark. As a result of the party, several friends do not contact us anymore, mostly his, but also one or two of ours too. However, some who didn't turn up have expressed how much they would like to have seen it, as do several others who weren't invited.

But the best thing for me is that, Alice's secretary, who was there with her husband, has told me now how she often calls him Alice when others are out of earshot, and has let the word go around here and there, as a result of which, his standing has gone down considerably in the office. Thank you for a great site and forum Helga, and long may PDQ continue.

Yours sincerely,

Thank you for your letter Mavis. I am so pleased to hear how my site assisted you and provided useful ideas to help your husband to become a better person. Sadly wanking in knickers is a common obsession with some men and you certainly took advantage of it, very well done.


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