The Art of Curtus from Carole Jean

Dear readers, if I might just say how much I have and continue to enjoy visiting Carole Jean's wonderful site. She has without a doubt, the largest and finest collection of Petticoat Punishment art on the web, her coverage of this genre is unparalleled. Her presentation is visually appealing, professional, easily readable with cross links and includes numerous fascinating tidbits about the artists. As web-mistress of PDQ I have received a number of email comments from readers who have taken advantage of visiting Carole's site since I began featuring it. Please allow me to note a few here and when you have seen the site, please drop me a note.

Mistress B., wrote: Helga, Carole Jean's site has proven to be of great assistance to me in my work with clients that enjoy petticoating, so many wonderful ideas as well as providing me understanding when clients mention a fantasy similar in nature to a particular artist.

Sissy Jimmy wrote: Auntie Helga, thank you so much for bringing to my attention samples from this wonderful collection of petticoating art.

Baby Tommy wrote: Auntie Helga, with so much to see on the web, your features have provided me with another destination, I bookmarked it right away. Kudos to Carole Jean.

I am so proud to provide this month's sampling of the art of Curtus. It was graciously provided by Carole Jean from her fantastic site, Petticoat Punishment Art, I hope you visit soon to purchase access to this amazing work.







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