Dear Helga,

I very much enjoy reading your excellent monthly, and thought I would share with you my experience of petticoating my husband, Nanette as (s)he is now known. Our experience is a little unusual as the petticoating is not enforced. A couple of years ago our excellent cleaner retired and, faced with the difficulty of replacing her, my husband, who had just taken early retirement, volunteered to do the job. He has always been quite domestically minded, and the arrangement has been excellent: every fortnight the house is cleaned from top to bottom.

But about a year ago I had a big surprise. I came home early unexpectedly on cleaning day to find him doing the cleaning in a full maid's outfit. Very sensible, nothing tarty: black dress with matching stockings, white frilled apron and a maid's cap. He confessed to me that he had done this for some time, and, in addition, had occasional fantasies of having his work inspected by a 'stern mistress' (his phrase) who would punish him for any failings. Of course I immediately offered to be his stern mistress: I have over the years been the dominant partner. The upshot is that about once a month we have an inspection following the cleaning. Nanette changes from her sensible uniform into a short frilly dress with sewn in petticoat, pink frilly silk panties, fishnet stockings supported by matching black suspenders, a fetching maid's cap and high heels. She wears a dainty frilly apron, usually white, embroidered with the words: 'Naughty maid, please spank me.'

Nanette comes to my study and knocks on the door. She is forbidden to enter until I call her. (The one time she entered without being called I put her over my knee, smacked her pantied bottom and sent her out to wait in the corridor.) We always begin with a uniform inspection. I award 'merits' for good features and 'demerits' for bad. Punishment is only imposed if demerits outnumber merits. Last month, for instance, Nanette received a merit for stockings with impeccably straight seams, but two demerits for having carelessly ironed her apron and failing entirely to iron her panties. I put her over my knee, smacked her pantied bottom with my hand, and sent her off to iron both items. On return she was required to curtsey and re-present herself for inspection.

We then proceed to inspect her cleaning work. Nanette is required to follow me to each room and to stand in the corner with her head down and hands folded behind her while I inspect. If I find any faults (for instance tops of pictures not dusted) she is required to put them right with a feather duster which she carries. Again, merits and demerits are awarded: it is as important to reward good work as to punish the bad. At the end of the inspection Nanette has to stand in the corner of the study facing the wall while I assign an overall grade. This is calculated, obviously, from the sum of merits and demerits awarded. I then announce the results, as follows:

3 merit marks or more: Nanette is commended for her work, and I ceremoniously affix a gold star to her panties.

0-2 merit marks: Nanette is commended, but receives a lecture on the importance of taking more care, and must stand in the punishment corner for fifteen minutes.

1-2 demerits: Nanette is warned that her work is unsatisfactory. She is required to bend over my office desk, raise her skirts and receive six smacks on her pantied bottom with my special punishment slipper. She must thank me after each smack, and then stand in the punishment corner for fifteen minutes.

3 or more demerits: Nanette is told that her conduct is disgraceful. She suffers the indignity of being placed over my knee. I raise her skirts, pull her panties to her knees, and spank her bottom a dozen times very hard. She is required to thank me after each spank. She must then stand in the punishment corner with skirt up, panties down displaying her naughty, spanked bottom for half an hour.

Last month, I regret to say, Nanette suffered her very first bare bottom spanking, and has since told me that it was a well deserved lesson, as she had become sloppy in her work.

I hope to update you on her record in future months.

With kind regards

Thank you for your letter Dilys. What a fortuitus discovery and I have no doubt it will make your marriage stronger. I hope you'll drop us a note sometime to let us know how you both are getting on.


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