Mummy Nera's Nursery
Corrective Regression

Dear Kitty Petunia,

I have been contacted recently by your previous Mistress. Lately she has been having difficulty with you and has called upon myself to give her advice on how to progress your sissy training without any resistance. After a few emails had been exchanged she decided to sign your ownership over to me.

I am Mummy Nera and from this day forward you will be under my supervision and care to transform you into the most compliant sissy the world has ever seen.

You will be undergoing what I like to call my "Corrective Regression" programme. This programme will take you right back to sissy babyhood. Whilst under my "Corrective Regression" programme I will expect 100% full obedience from you or you will be gravely punished for your actions.

As your Mummy you will be expected to carry out certain tasks everyday and provide evidence to prove that your tasks have been completed. These assignments will be sent over to you bi weekly and I will expect them to be followed to the letter.

Over the next 14 days you will be tested on how far you can regress into your sissy babyhood. Remember Mummy Nera expects 100% compliance from all her training sissys and you are no exception Miss Petunia.

The first task for the next 2 weeks is to be cleanly shaved from your nose to your toes. Mummy will not tolerate a sprig of hair on a sissy unless it is on their head. This top to toe shaving ritual must be carried out every 2-3 days depending on the amount of hair growth. This will include the full genital area and bottom.

Which brings me to your second task for the next 2 weeks. You must be in 24/7 chastity for the entire fortnight. You may remove your cage to clean every morning before you shower but masturbation of any kind is absolutely forbidden. Sissy's in my eyes should be kept desperate and frustrated at all times in order to be 100% obedient. I find this part of my "Corrective Regression" training to be the most effective as you will soon understand a desperate sissy is most certainly eager to please.

Your third task of the fortnight you will under go strict nappy discipline. You are to wear nappies over your chastity cage 24/7. You will not under any circumstance be permitted to use the toilet in any capacity unless you are instructed to. Sissy baby's must understand that using the toilet is a privilege that needs to be earnt through good behaviour. You will be permitted to change your nappies 4 times a day. Once in the morning, then again at lunchtime, again at precisely 5pm and finally just before you go to bed. If you leave the house you must carry nappy changing supplies with you at all times. If you mess yourself during the time you are in a nappy you must ask to change yourself. I will not have any of my sissy's walking around with nappy rash. You must never squish around in your mess until your next nappy change, but you must never change your messy nappy without permission either. Any interference with your nappies without permission will be punished severely. Do not let me catch you doing it!

Your final tasks for this week little Petunia will be: Before bedtime I will expect you to take a stool softener in order for you to mess your nappies uncontrollably in your sleep. This is prove to me how much I need to keep you in them before you can advance to your higher levels of sissy training. Before you get into bed I want you to practice your sissy lisping with your dummy in your mouth. I will expect you to practice these three sentences 10 times each in the mirror before bed. The three sentences are as follows:

"Mummy Mummy a poo poo is coming!"

"I am Kitty Petunia and I am a little sissy!"

"I must cry for my nappies, just like I cry for Mummy!"

At bedtime I will expect you to use the same dummy in order to get to sleep. All my sissy baby's must be fully dependant dummy just like they are fully dependant on Mummy to keep them on the straight and narrow into successful sissy baby hood.

Your first week of your "Corrective Regression" programme starts now.

Do not let me down Little Kitty Petunia!

Kind Regards,

Mummy Nera x

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