from Stevie

Dear Auntie Helga,

I have a question to ask you about boys and men that end up as sissymaids. Does penis size have anything to do with a man turning out to be a sissymaid for his wife or mother? I read on the internet the source of information which many times is false that the shorter the penis in a man the greater chance he will be submissive to a woman during his life. I also read men with a small penis are drawn to dominant women where men with a large penis are sought after by more women. Is there any truth to this information?

I am embarrassed to say my penis is only 1 inch long and almost 3 inches long when hard. My sister told me I should become a sissymaid because sissymaids don't need their penis like real men do. At first I tried to defend myself telling her my penis was normal size when erect but she told me I was wrong. She said I would be a perfect sissymaid all dressed in a cute little dress with pretty shoes. I remember crying over what she said to me but inside I knew there was some truth to it.

Recently my sister brought it up again telling me I should become a sissymaid and would be happy serving a woman. She wants to train me to be her sissymaid until she finds a Mistress for me. Part of me knows what is saying is right but I am afraid to say yes to her Auntie Helga. I know she loves me and is not being cruel by telling me I would make a good sissymaid. She told me that lots of men become sissymaids for their wives and many more want to be sissymaids but their wives don't see the opportunity. She would prefer I meet a dominant woman who will look after me than end up with just any woman who leaves me because of my small penis and lack of performance.

My sister says I am at the perfect age to develop into a sissymaid for a dominant woman. I just turned 20 and my sister is 32 and I know she is smarter than me. She said it would take her 6 months to a year to prepare me to meet a good Mistress.

Auntie Helga do you get other men and boys asking you about becoming sissymaids or am I the only one? My sister can't see why I am taking so long to say yes. It was her that gave me your email address telling me you would know the best route for me to go.Can you help me decide based on what my sister is telling me? I don't have an urge to dress like a sissymaid but my sister tells me it will be easy for me to adjust. Is my sister right or wrong?


Thank you for your letter Stevie. A small penis can influence a person to become a sissymaid and otherwise effeminate, though not always a sissymaid, more often submissive.

Your penis does sound rather small dear and you deciding to write me would seem to indicate you are considering seriously your wonderful sister's plan. I understand how you could be scared to commit to this but really its the best way, in my opinion.

I receive email everyday from men asking about becoming a sissymaid, you are not the only one. You will adjust in no time and learn to love being her sissymaid, I know she will do everything she can to make it perfect, of course she is right.

Auntie Helga

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