from Melanie

Dear Auntie Helga,

My mom told me to write a letter to you and tell you my story so you can put it on your website. My real name is Frank but for half a year now I am mommy's maid and called Melanie.

It started a few weeks after I told mom that I really liked the way she dressed up when she met her new boy friend (sadly dad passed away when I was 3 years old). She always wore nice satin blouses or beautiful dresses, pencil skirts and high heels because she knew that her new friend Andrew liked it a lot. So I told mom that I love these kind of clothes too and that I already knew when I was at preschool that I liked girl's clothes more than boy's clothes. As a child I often wished to be a girl just because I wanted to wear the nice dresses.

A few weeks later mom came home with two really cute sissy dresses. Both were made of satin, with short skirts, a petticoat and a lot of frills and of course in two very feminine colours, pink and purple. She gave me the chance to wear them and when I told her I liked them a lot she even made a girl out of me. She had also bought a wig, some false breasts, underwear and I agreed to be made up as well. Because I do not have a very masculine body I made a really beautiful girl.

Mom gave me my new name "Melanie" and we had some nice afternoons and evenings as mother and daughter. I even started helping in the kitchen and did some chores like cleaning - something I did not as a boy. Mom did not seem surprised and one day she asked me if I could do some more work in our house. Of course I agreed because that meant being Melanie more often and that was what I loved a lot.

Unfortunately I was not allowed to wear one of my beautiful dresses but a French maid's uniform in black satin with a small white apron, a petticoat and some white frills. It was in a way like my other dresses but with a high collar and long sleeves it did not look as sweet as the others. Because mom feared I would undress immediately she even locked me into the dress (and she sometimes still does it if I don't behave).

After one week of being her maid in my holidays I complained about it. I wanted to become the cute Melanie again and mom gave me the choice of being her maid as long as she wanted to or I had to move out. I am 18 so she did not need to care for me any longer. So I had no real choice and became her maid after school and at the weekends.

A few weeks later I graduated high school and because I did not get a job (poor grades) and because I failed the qualifying exam of my favourite college (the only one I applied to) I had to stay at home and so it was clear to mom that I would stay her maid as long as I did not find another job. Because I was her maid everyday she started to train me even more, so I became a pretty good maid (but of course there is still room for improvement) and do all the chores at home as well as I do the cooking.

I have become so good that mom invited some of her friends and my grandma. I had to serve them one evening and even though they were all very surprised because of my great service I was very scared that mom's guests would tell my friends how I look like and what I was doing at home. It felt pretty strange to serve different people than my mom and being shown to them. But after the third time serving mommy's guests I was used to it like I was used to being a 24/7 maid.

Six weeks ago Andrew (mom's lover) moved into our house and now I have to serve him as well. He was very happy in having a maid around because he did not want to do any chores or the cooking. So he got to know me from the first minute on as a maid. Of course he knows I am his girl friend's son but he does not care about it. He even started to train me as well and told my mom it would be a good idea to put me into a chastity because then I would obey even more. So today it has been one week that I am wearing one. It is very hard for me as young man not to manipulate my sexual organ. I only feel some steel when I want to touch my self.

So at the moment I do not have any other chance than staying the maid and I do not think that I will get out of it very soon. I do not have time to write applications or practise for new qualifying exams. Worst of all - or is it best of all? - I started liking being a maid. Of course I cannot wear the cute dresses mom gave me first any more but on the other hand my maid uniforms are not that ugly.

Best regards

Thank you for your letter Melanie. How nice to hear from you and please thank your mom for insisting you write for the site. Of course wearing pretty silky clothes is only one of the wonderful things about being her maid, submitting to her is what really matters, isn't it?

Auntie Helga

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